Junket: The Cast Talks Guardians of the Galaxy

Back on July 19th, the cast and director of Guardians of the Galaxy had a press conference to discuss the film. 

Here are a few snippets from what they had to say. And once again, thanks goes to Disney for this excellent material.

Mod: I'm gonna start up with a warm-up question first for you, James.  Obviously, these are some fairly unknown characters even though they exist in the Marvel comic universe. What attracted you to the project to begin with and was bringing new characters like this a daunting task, or was it liberating?  What can you tell us about that?

James Gunn:  It was, frankly, liberating.  It was, you know, for me I think I would have had a harder time trying to fit into the regular, you know, Marvel scheme of things and this gave me a chance to take what I loved about Marvel movies and Marvel comics and create a whole new universe which is really, you know, what has been the most exciting thing for, you know, in my entire professional career.  When I was a kid, I was obsessed with the different planets in the solar system and I.....we used to create for every single planet a different alien race with a certain kinda pet and a certain kinda house and a certain kind of, you know, water system and everything.  And I would draw these pictures and I had hundreds of these pictures and had them in a box and really to me this was like going back to that childhood box and creating this, you know, fun universe.

Press: Hello. This is awesome!!!  My question is for Michael.  So, who's more of a bad ass, Merle or Yondu?

Michael Rooker:  That's a simple question.  You get a simple question, you get a simple answer rather. And I...... you know what?  They're so much. They're very similar in their nature.  They're true believers in tough love, you know, Merle with his brother and Yondu with his lovely son. Surrogate, okay, surrogate daddy, okay. I'll put it that way.

Press: Hi, guys. Congratulations on this fantastic job, everyone!!  And another question. Chris, you're just so perfect in this role.  I'm wondering and also -- (cont.) Yeah, you may not be whoever one imagines taking on a huge super hero movie role like this and maybe you even felt that way about yourself.  So I'm wondering what you felt you had to prove just even in the auditions and for audiences and James maybe you wanna jump in as well.

Chris Pratt: I guess. I didn't.  People probably didn't see me.  I'm not sure I even saw myself in this kind of a role.  I'm never -- but what's really kind of nice about this movie and I believe this is that we did something with this movie that's never been done before.  I think this is like unlike anything that's ever been done and I think anyone who has seen this movie would agree.  I've never seen anything like this movie before.  And I so I don’t think I was -- I don't think I was right to do anything that's, you know, similar to what's been done before.  Like, you know, I wouldn't have been right to do those ......to do other movies.  So maybe people wouldn't have seen me in this role, but that's because they weren't able to have the vision that kinda James had for what this could be, you know. And so he just told me in the audition, he was like I'm just looking for someone to come in and just own this and just do what they......do their thing.

Guardians of the Galaxy opens Friday, August 1st. Turn off your cell phone and see it.