Movie News: Max Max Sequels Already Penned

George Miller has already written the sequels to the upcoming Fury Road.

In the time George Miller has been working on Mad Max: Fury Road, he's also spent some time writing the sequels to the post apocalyptic road battle reboot/remake/sequel. As he's stated, one of the stories currently exists as a novelization and the other is a screenplay. As a whole, it sounds like Miller has the next few years planned out for Tom Hardy and himself to reignite this dead franchise with two more movies that hopefully don't take forever to get made. All we can hope for now is a soundtrack featuring Tina Turner.

The first Comic Con released teaser looks like it's going to keep the same tone with ratcheted up action sequences and more effects than would have been possible during the original Mad Max films. I say bring it on. The world needs good action films and Miller is the man to do it.  

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