News: Chris Columbus On Board New Gremlins Movie

It appears we have some news about the new Gremlins movie.

"Dude. I better be
getting a cut of this."
Chris Columbus has boarded the new Gremlins movie as producer. 

And folks, it's another remake. Yes, the tale of Gizmo and his bratty, evil offspring is getting a new treatment. Initially called a reboot, it's now officially changed status to a remake with '80s and '90s mastermind, Chris Columbus, once again tackling writing duties and taking on the role of producer. Steven Spielberg, producer of the original Gremlins, is also attached to this upcoming retread. 

Columbus is chomping at the bit to revisit old properties as he's also directing the upcoming Mrs. Doubtfire sequel and is connected to the supposed upcoming Goonies continuation, also as a producer.