Reviews: The Bunnyman Massacre

Furries of the world unite as Michelle Kisner reviews The Bunnyman Massacre.

"Who wants some jelly beans?"
The Bunnyman Massacre is a blood-filled slasher flick that fills the “man in a giant bunny suit” horror movie void you didn’t know you had. It’s the sequel to Bunnyman, a 2011 film directed by Carl Lindberg (who also directed this new film). While the idea of having a killer don a rabbit costume and murder people with a chainsaw is admittedly hilarious, the film unfortunately doesn’t do too much with the idea and ends up being mediocre save for a few interesting scenes.

The main problem is Lindberg couldn’t decide what tone he wanted to portray throughout the entire film. It bounces back and forth between silly and serious and makes everything feel jumbled and unfocused. Donnie Darko managed to make a man in a bunny costume scary and menacing because they played it straight and were consistent with the atmosphere. I feel they could have done well with a parody approach as well, but as it is, they tried to mix the two unsuccessfully.

"Dude. Don't you have an orgy
to attend?"
Bunnyman teams up with Joe (David Scott), a crazy redneck who owns a store in a small town. Joe is the best character in the entire film and the only one with some semblance of a personality. Everyone else is just body count fodder for Bunnyman and have zero development or character arcs. The feel of the film is similar to Texas Chainsaw Massacre and they even use some of the same sound cues from that film as an homage of sorts.  Luckily, the actual kills are rather inventive and interesting, which is the main reason you watch this type of film in the first place.

The pacing is very slow in the middle and it has way too long of a running time; there are many scenes that could have been edited down or just cut completely. The music score is nothing special and the cinematography is bland but functional.  I will say some of the dialogue was pretty funny; especially if you have a jacked-up sense of humor (like I do). Overall, The Bunnyman Massacre is mediocre at best but may be worth a rent if you are in the mood for some mindless killing by a psychotic furry.

-Michelle Kisner