Rumor: Mark Wahlberg As The Six Million Dollar Man

Apparently, Mark Wahlberg is going to be taking the lead in another franchise.

"I will so destroy this part!"

It seems that Universal is extremely hot to get a Six Million Dollar Man franchise in the works with none other than Mark Wahlberg taking over the lead spot originally played by seventies and eighties tv icon, Lee Majors. As it stands, with the current success of Transformers 4, Wahlberg is more viable than ever and would be a great fit for the role of Steve Austin. 

Numerous online outlets including The Tracking Board are reporting that Peter Berg is in talks to produce and possibly direct this latest in the continuing reboot trend with Harvey Weinstein attached in some unknown capacity. Weinstein retained the rights to this property after leaving Miramax. 

This could be a straight up rumor. But with Hollywood's continued obsession with bringing back old properties, it's a good possibility that The Six Million Dollar Man may see a reinvention of sorts. After all, he cost six million dollars in the seventies. Can you imagine what he'd cost now with rising inflation?