Cinematic Releases: Into The Storm

Sarah Wayne Callies chases scary tornadoes in Into The Storm.

"Are you Bill Paxton?"
The nomination for unexpected comedy of the year goes to the modern disaster movie, Into The Storm: a film so hilariously bad, it gets my worst score of the year.

And when I say disaster, I'm referencing the quality of this blustering pile of mindless plot holes, loathsome dialogue,  the soulless performance of Richard Armitage, and every other actor that inhabits this piece of topical drivel. 

Into the Storm is a laughable found footage type dramatization that steals key story points from the much better Twister and turns them into cheesy nods that feel forced, unrealistic, and mindlessly vacant of any engaging plot. In fact, Into the Storm takes key scenes from the aforementioned Twister and slightly changes them with the expectation that audiences are too dumb to notice. Sorry guys, the only thing missing here is some Van Halen and a much older pairing of Hunt and Paxton. 

"Ok. Listen pal. Enough with
the zombie jokes."
Into The Storm plays like a melodramatic, soap opera type laugh riot centered around tornado chasers, a mourning family, and a couple annoying rednecks. The plot devices are expected, the tornado sequences are nice looking, and the story is more predictable than buttery popcorn after effects. Nothing about the movie feels real and there is no defined motivation for the characters other than running from one point to another while trying to escape the biggest tornado ever while screaming at each other to "run". It doesn't help that the actors bring nothing of realism to the fold.

While we're here, can someone please explain to me what Sarah Wayne Callies is doing in this movie? And was that dreadful zombie apocalypse joke really necessary? We get it. She was on The Walking Dead. Enough already. 

"See that over there?
Under the bus?
That's my talent."
Into the Storm does nothing new with the dead disaster genre and doesn't offer anything unexpected. We've seen this all before and we'll see it again. If you can take characters that lack emotion and enjoy the annoying voice of Richard Armitage as he screams at his two brainless on screen sons, go waste your money on this Sy Fy quality snoozefest. Meanwhile, I'll be enjoying my blu-ray copy of Twister.....the much better of the two. 

-Chris George