Interviews: Sadie Katz of Wrong Turn 6

We recently had a chance to interview Sadie Katz from the upcoming Wrong Turn 6.

TMS: Sadie, you’ve built quite a resume over the years, mainly in the horror genre. So, why horror?

SK: Ha, why not Horror?  That’s funny, I think horror gets a bad rep with actors…where else do you get the challenge of truly raising the stakes in life and death scenarios which is what you want to do as an “artist” anyway… push the boundaries emotionally anyway.

TMS: Do you like being scared, mangled and killed on screen? 
SK: Scared…yes.  Killed or mangled ummm…not really because it’s pretty freaking messy.  It usually involves a lot of fake blood and it’s sticky and cold.  But, it beats sitting behind a desk so…I’m not going to like complain but, I’ve been covered in blood,  mud, worms, spiders and some other stuff I want to forget about.  It’s pretty nasty what you’ll do to get the shot.  The drive home after shooting is always kind of weird.  You’re always like, “what did I just do?”  But, there’s like some weird part of you that just has to let it go…you signed up for it.  It’s part of your character’s story.  I mean, you’re telling a story.  A really crazy story but, it’s just a story. 

TMS: What was it like working on the set of Wrong Turn 6? Are there any gory, sexy, or bloody stories you want to tell The Movie Sleuth about?
SK: Okay, so you gotta know that there’s like soooo  much secrecy from 20th Century Fox about this one it’s like cray-cray.  I’m like hyper paranoid of giving something away and scary men in suits taking my computer away.  I’m kidding.  Sorta.  But, that’s part of the fun of this one because, it’s such a fun reboot or just a refresher for it being number six that they want to give the fans something they don’t expect.   I did get to see one of the scenes with Roxy Pallette when I was doing my ADR…which is when you do some voice work – I was mostly doing heavy breathing moaning and such…very sexy.  Roxy in case you don’t know her in the states is a very well known British actress like tabloid fixture, soap starlet and a really sexy great actress.  Her scene is just…ummm…wow.  Not only crazy sexy but, it goes totally where you don’t expect and she’s just does some amazing work and the three baddies come in and I’m not saying if she lives or dies but, it get bloody and sexy and…we spoke today and we both were like have a fit of the giggles because, she did some damn fine work and she’s like “I may have to hide from the neighbors after that scene.”  Truthfully, I won’t lie…the whole cast has scenes that are so insane and so well done sexy, bloody…I’m talking next level.  We all might just like draw our blinds.  I hope not because, we also took the acting really serious as well so hopefully we’ll be forgiven.  Besides the D.P. work is really I think the best ever.   
TMS: This series has been going on for a while now. What’s different about this latest entry and what do you add to this ongoing series of horror flicks?

SK: We have Valeri Milev directing this one who did  Code Red & Re-Kill and just a slew of very cool stylistic and sexy music videos.  His attention to detail and each and every shot was just passionate.  He really cared about the series and making the fans happy.   Even when it was just a quick shot walking in he thought about how to shoot it super…just nothing rushed.  Valeri was just hopping around excited and intense about getting everything he could right.  There’s this one scene and we’re you know racing against the sunset and it’s snowing and everyone is freezing their asses off and like, running out of time and he just needs a haunting like freaky shot walking towards the camera and most directors would have just like said…okay, done it once or twice and said that works but, Valeri…he just cares so damn much and there’s the language barrier so he gets this look like he’s in pain.  It’s so damn funny. He’s like in pain! He’s just grieved he wants it right in the sweetest way but, the sun is going down…so you just want to make it right. The crew, you, everyone.  It changes it when the director, your D.P. all the actors start to care so much it changes it.  You want it to be the best it can be.  At least you give it your all.

I can’t tell you what I’m adding because you know…the men in suits…I’m kidding. Not really.  I’m adding…ummm…I cared a lot too.  The whole cast did.  We all were crazy silly like that.
TMS: Are there any on set antics you can tell us about and were there any truly scary moments that would keep you from making another Wrong Turn movie?

SK: During the last half of shooting it was Spring and the boys started playing rugby…it was very English and adorable.  Broke up all the scary because, there was a lot of  scary like…silly scary heads that looked like various cast members that kept showing up in our trailers that although cozy I swear to god looked like out of “Breaking Bad”.  We all loved those trailers and all the sexy Brits in the cast playing their guitars were pranksters.  Sexy pranksters.  All three baddies were scary as hell and never broke character.  I think they really are cannibals.   I’m not joking.  Also, the castle we shot at was haunted.  There were these long ass mirrors…walking back to set…I  would walk down the corridors in this white baby doll dress and have to watch my reflection. Fucking freaky. Passing like little class rooms.  I’m a wuss…I’d always want to make another film but, next time someone is holding my hand back to my trailer.  Truth be told, I ran a couple times. I’m not ashamed.  

TMS: What is it that keeps you coming back to the horror genre?

SK: They keep hiring me.  Hopefully.  And they’re fun.  I like watching them too. They’re fantasies. Creative. 

TMS:  Is there a certain type of movie or director that you’d like to work with in the future?

SK: I’d love to do a really funny romantic comedy.  I can be funny.  Really.  Seriously.  Or just like a silly, sappy love story…you know the kind where you have to run thru the airport?  I love those too.Then maybe you  trip on the tarmac and get decapitated.  It can have a twist ending but, almost love story. 

TMS: Who is your favorite Scream Queen (actress) of all time? Why? And (on that same note), who is your favorite fictional female horror character?

SK: I could say I love my two girlfriends Jamie Bernadette and Victoria Demare who really work hard in the genre.  I love and respect the shit out of that. It’s super hard work.  I love Neve Campbell’s character in “Scream” she never got boring to watch.  I wanted to be her as a teenager so bad.  She was just so cool.  But, seriously… “Carrie” is a perfect villain because, she’s scary but, you feel for her and that’s really cool to feel conflicted that way about a character. 

Thanks guys for having me….I hope you love Wrong Turn 6 as much as we did shooting it! Xoxoxo

TMS: Thanks for putting up with us.

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