News: Leatherface - The Teenage Years

The Leatherface saga may continue with a prequel.

"Gimme a smooch!"
It appears that Lionsgate, the company behind the campy but slightly fun Texas Chainsaw 3D, is getting ready to do another Texas Chainsaw flick. This time, they're looking to take a step backward in to the origins of the character by telling the vile tale of Leatherface's early years as a teenage chainsaw wielding maniac. No matter how many times the Texas Chainsaw continuity gets hacked and slashed by the studios, it always seems to make just enough money to keep studio heads interested.

While the 2003 reboot was a freaky re-telling of the Leatherface story, the sequel was awful and the franchise was killed before it had a real chance to get going again. Then came last year's cheesy but entertaining bouncing boob fest called Texas Chainsaw 3D. It reinvigorated interest in the character again while totally destroying any semblance of continuity. 

With the 2014 remaster of the original, audiences are once again keen to see if we'll finally get a respectable origins tale for Leatherface and his flesh eating family of nut jobs. Hopefully it's not a musical.