News: Taylor Kitsch Offered Raid Remake

It appears that Hollywood is up to some shenanigans with the domestic version of The Raid.

If a foreign movie is good, has a loyal following, and offers up something new in the action department, there is one sure thing. The movie will be remade for domestic audiences that just can't stand to read subtitles for ninety minutes or longer. 

Well, apparently the Hollywood suits are up to their same old tricks with The Raid. The remake is currently in development and they've offered the role to none other than Taylor Kitsch. A couple years ago, I may not have approved of this decision. But after his adrenaline pumping support role as Murphy in Lone Survivor, this might not be such a bad choice. 

We at The Sleuth loved The Raid and its sequel. Hopefully they don't turn this in to another Oldboy debacle.