News: Unaltered Star Wars Blu Ray Release Disproven

Yesterday, the internet was abuzz with news that the unaltered Star Wars trilogy would be released in blu-ray format. Today, the story changes.

To this fan's disappointment, this is probably not going to happen. It all comes down to cold hard facts at this point. Fox still owns the home video distribution rights to the original three movies. In 2020, Disney will acquire the rights to Jedi and Empire, but A New Hope will still remain in the evil Sith like clutches of Fox.

Unless something major happens in the next couple years, our beloved original franchise will never get a proper unaltered edition of the first three movies. And adding to the pile is the sad fact that Fox has agreed to never release these versions while Lucas is still alive. 

On another note, we know how much Fox loves to make money off of Star Wars releases, so some amicable arrangement could be made. However, I think the new hope of this seeing the light of day remains in a galaxy far far away