Rumor: Michael Bay Done With Transformers

Fanboys across the world rejoice as Michael Bay once again claims to be done with battling robots.

Michael Bay has made many Transformers fans across the globe happy as he's now saying that the bloated Age of Extinction is his last turn behind the camera. We've heard this song and dance before but Bay claims this time it's the truth. He's saying that other passion projects are going to take up the next few years as he expands out in to documentary film making and is rumored to be at the helm of a Ghost Recon movie adaptation. No matter what he does, it'll be nice to get a fresh set of creative eyes behind the Transformers franchise and maybe a total reboot that returns the series to something more plot focused.

Ever since the dawn of this dim witted, explosion loaded, nonsensical action series started, Transformers fans have been miserable with Bay's choices. It's clearly time to pass the reigns onto a more youthful director that can make these transforming robots lovable again.

Good riddance.