Robin Williams: We Bid Farewell

These things are always hard to say and sometimes harder to write.

Being a child of the eighties, my youth was filled with the early comedic performances of Robin Williams, his insane characters, and the sense that the man was far more talented than everyone else in the room. 

His formative years were defined by on-stage madness and the idea that he could slip off into another one of his teetering, frenzied performances at any second. This is exactly what made him unique and what made him so endearing to fans around the world. Unlike other major stars, he felt human. 

He wasn't typical. He wasn't the old standard. He brought a sense of manic danger to every stage performance or role. He was a verifiable scene stealing madman that couldn't sit still even when he wanted to.

Mr. Williams transplanted himself from the comedy genre in to the world of drama and back again, with little notice. Fans quickly became aware that he could endure and transcend the vast differences with total mastery over both differing crafts, all the while balancing the best of both worlds. 

He was Robin Wiliams, a man defined by an unbridled love for laughter and absurdity alike.

His legendary characters will live on forever. His presence will truly be missed in theaters. Rest in Peace.

"Most men lead lives of quiet desperation. Don't be resigned to that. Break out!" - Robin Williams as John Keating, Dead Poets Society