Interviews: Blair Bowers, Star of Geographically Desirable

Blair Bowers stars in the upcoming indie rom-com Geographically Desirable, the story of a news woman whose life is derailed when she inherits a house in a small quirky town. We chat to the up and comer about the new flick.

TMS: Without spoiling the movie, how would you describe Geographically Desirable?

BB: I would say it is about a driven, sleep-deprived TV News producer, whose life gets turned upside down when she suddenly inherits a house and a dog in the small, quirky town of Floyd, Virginia.  Thematically, I think it deals with learning how to balance work and personal life.

TMS: You play a newswoman. What did you learn about the life of a newswoman from doing the movie?

BB: I play a news producer so I learned a lot about the behind the scenes work that goes on in a newsroom.  I also learned that the overnight shift is awful.  Just awful. 
Have you spoken to anyone in the industry about the role? I assume they find it very hard to juggle a career and home life!?

Actually, Mike Kravinsky, our writer/director, spent most of his career in the editing room of a major news channel so he was a great resource on set whenever I had questions.  He would also have friends from the industry who would swing by to chat.  Honestly, I think the struggle to balance career and home life is fairly universal, which is why I think a lot of people can relate to this film.

TMS: Have you found that at all in your life – the difficult juggle of having both a professional and personal life?

BB: Of course!  It’s always a challenge.  If I’m in a show, I hardly see people for two months or so at a time, but I love what I do and I’m incredibly grateful for every opportunity I get so I just have to put in a little extra effort when I’m not actively working to nurture those relationships.  I grew up in D.C. and actually just made the leap out to Los Angeles so that is a whole new balancing act.  I’ll have to update you on how it goes.

TMS: There’s a Sweet Home Alabama vibe to the movie. How did Mike Kravinsky pitch it to you?

BB: It was really important to Mike that this wasn’t your typical rom-com, which immediately put us on the same page.  There is a little romance and there is definitely comedy, but there is also a lot of heart.  These are real people that you can relate to. 

TMS: Have you seen it with an audience yet? How was the reaction?

We had a private screening with some friends and family.  I can honestly say my Dad thought it was the best movie he’d ever seen – or, at least top five.  He is a little biased, though.  I joke, but we had a very warm reception and we have just started getting accepted to festivals.  We have two coming up in October, one in D.C. and one in New York.  I am excited to see what those audiences think.