Movie News: Original I Spit On Your Grave Getting A Sequel

Decades after the horrifying original I Spit On Your Grave, there is going to be an official sequel.

"Vengeance. It shall be mine.
Yes, it shall."
I Spit On Your Grave was one of the first horror films that featured a strong female in a position of empowerment.  After being brutally beaten and raped by rednecks, she takes a specific form of vengeance on the men that mean her harm. It forever changed the landscape of horror with its brutality and semi-realistic presentation of a woman and her thirst for retribution. 

Years later we got a blood curdling remake and sequel from director, Steven R. Monroe. We actually had a chance to interview him a while back. He had a great attitude about the franchise but was ready to move on to different things. 

Well, now it looks like Camille Keaton is back with original movie maker Meir Zarchi in the hopes of making a direct sequel to the original called I Spit On Your Grave: Deja Vu. Four decades later, horror fans will be clamoring to see how an older Zarchi will up the ante with the continuation of Jennifer's vile story. This could get interesting. 

Way back when, we actually wrote an article about the effects of the original film on the horror genre. Check it out here.