New Releases: This Tuesday, Horror Comes Home

Michael Myers comes home this Tuesday in a brutal set of blu rays. 

This Tuesday marks an unprecedented amount of great horror releases. Just in time for the month of October, horror fans are going to be barraged with a massive influx of killer box sets. Halloween: The Complete Collection,  Saw: The Complete Movie Collection, and the re-released The Exorcist: The Complete Anthology all hit store shelves and online retailers. The Halloween set looks to be the best of the three although its getting some mediocre early reviews.

It retails at $109.99 which is actually pretty fair for such an extensive collection. 
The Halloween set includes:

Disc 1 John Carpenter's Halloween 35th Anniversary Edition
Disc 2 John Carpenter's Halloween
Disc 3 Halloween II: Theatrical
Disc 4 Halloween II: TV Cut
Disc 5 Halloween III: Season of the Witch
Disc 6 Halloween IV: The Return of Michael Myers
Disc 7 Halloween V: The Revenge of Michael Myers
Disc 8 Halloween: The Curse of Michael Meyers Theatrical
Disc 9 Halloween: The Curse of Michael Meyers Producer's Cut
Disc 10 Halloween H20
Disc 11 Halloween Resurrection
Disc 12 Rob Zombie's Halloween
Disc 13 Rob Zombie Bonus Disc
Disc 14 Rob Zombie's Halloween II
Disc 15 Special Features

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The less than stellar Saw reissue is just a basic bundle pack. At a price point of $24.99 for 7 movies, it's a little hard to pass up though.  

The set includes:

Saw 2: Unrated Edition
Saw 3: Unrated Edition
Saw 4: Unrated Director's Cut
Saw 5: Unrated Director's Cut
Saw 6: Unrated Director's Cut
Saw: The Final Chapter

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