TV News: Supergirl Show In Early Development

With Arrow and numerous other shows like Gotham hitting tv screens, DC is looking to bring Supergirl into our homes as a weekly series. 

Just when we thought the market was over saturated with movies and television shows based on comic book characters, it appears that Supergirl may be getting her own treatment as the next in line to invade the home viewing market. Writer and producer, Michael Green (Green Lantern, Heroes, Smallville) is being set up to produce the brand new series about Superman's Kryptonian cousin. 

There is no confirmation as to when this could possibly air or what network might want it. With all the new comic based shows in production right now, there is a solid interest and a definite spot for such a popular character. If they choose to replicate the Smallville feel with this show, they'll have a definite hit on their hands. 

We'll update this as we hear more.