Netflix Now: The Taking of Deborah Logan

Netflix has unleashed one of the scariest movies of the season. 

"What? What are you staring at?"

How long has it been since a horror movie gave you chills? I bet it's been a while. Well, Deborah Logan is here to fix all that. 

Great found footage movies are extremely hard to come by. Most rely on thinly veiled plots, simplistic camera trickery and typically horrendous makeup and special effects. The Taking of Deborah Logan is the total opposite. This is the exact reason that this style of film making exists. It should definitely be on every horror fan's Halloween watch list and is one of the best movies ever released in this format. 

All the rumors and reviews are true, The Taking of Deborah Logan excels in its story telling, trumps any cinematic horror release of this year, and pushes this documentary/handheld style to full effect as it rolls out an absolutely bone chilling ninety minutes of sheer terror. Deborah Logan breaks the boundaries of what we've seen in these films before. There is a clarity of story and the focus is never lost. First time director Adam Robitel obviously takes his horror seriously as he uses some of his apparent influences but never submits his audience to anything that feels like a retread. The film is highly original and never takes the importance of story or character arc for granted. 

"You wanna see something
really scary?"
The Taking of Deborah Logan is easily one of the greatest found footage entries ever released and is definitely one of the best horror films of 2014. What starts out as a story about Alzheimer's disease quickly does an about face and becomes a mysterious and tonally effective story about inherent evil and the main character's descent into madness. The presentation of story is tight, the fictional history is well written, and some of the characters actually show quite a bit of development. The makeup effects are practical, the lighting is mood enhancing, and the dialogue is totally natural.  For a low budget indie flick, Deborah Logan hits on all the points that make a successful and tightly wound horror film that will maintain plenty of rewatchability. 

If you're looking for a movie to watch this Halloween week, The Taking of Deborah Logan should be on your list. It's old school horror transposed to a relatively new style that makes serious headway for horror and independent filmmakers alike. If this movie doesn't send chills down your spine and doesn't make you bury your face under the covers, I'm not sure what will. This horror junkie found this movie to be awe inducing and delightfully freaky from front to back. Take a little bit of time and hang out with Deborah Logan for a while. Nothing bad will happen. I promise.