New Releases: Plastic

This week saw the home video release of Plastic, a crime drama "based" on a true story. 

"Give me back my sandwich
or the pretty girl gets it!"
2014 hasn't seen many good crime dramas. Well, Plastic is here to put its best foot forward in changing that. While it's not going to win any awards for originality and doesn't break any new ground for the genre, it's a stylistic effort from director Julian Gilbey.

Plastic features a believable cast of young Brits, a timely plot about credit card fraud and identity theft, and has just enough charisma to make it an interesting watch. When compared alongside its cinematic brethren - movies like Runner Runner or American Hustle - Plastic falls somewhere in the middle. Its plot is simple, the acting is just a hair beyond mediocre, and its influences are abundantly clear. Yet, its definitely a fun watch that will resonate with a younger audience that might enjoy the technical aspects and the cynical comradery between the members of this mostly youthful cast. 

'Wait a second. You mean to
tell me I have a British accent?"
Some gaping plot holes will have audience members rolling their eyes and the cliched character arcs may be off putting to some. But there's still enough semblance of a decent script that most people will see this as a reality based, guilty pleasure type of drama. Plus, the on screen chemistry between Ed Speelers and Emma Rigby is a refreshing change from all the dark things going on. Rigby is like a ray of sunshine bringing that beautiful smile to a movie that's about dishonest people conniving, stealing, and doing harm to others. She brings a balance that would be missing otherwise. 

If  you're looking to kick back with a movie that doesn't require too much thought, you'll probably like Plastic. It's extremely similar to other films in this genre, but is still an enjoyable feature full of troublesome adventures, hard headed villains, a tech savvy backbone, and a few laughs at the expense of a couple poorly executed characters. Check it out, but don't expect too much. Go in with low expectations and I think you'll enjoy Plastic for what it is.