Streaming: ABCs of Death 2

Michelle reviews the blood sopped ABCs of Death 2. 

"Yay for pervert beard!!!"
Film anthologies are always a blast to watch because they have so much variety and creativity. It’s interesting to see all the different director’s visions and the bite-size stories allow for more thought-provoking ideas.  The first ABCs of Death put a twist on the concept by employing a different director for each letter of the alphabet, thus having twenty-six little horror vignettes. It was a good idea on paper, but unfortunately, the quality varied wildly for each short and made for an uneven viewing experience. Still, it had its moments and was worth watching for the sheer imagination that was on display.

In ABCs of Death 2, they picked a fresh crop of directors with some bigger names jumping onboard this time around. The production value seems to be higher and the entire project feels more cohesive. There are many different styles used to include animation (by Bill Plympton, of all people) and even a sweet claymation piece! Each letter is a surprise and it’s fun to figure out what is going on with the limited time allotted to every respective plot. Some of the bigger names include The Soska Sisters (American Mary), E.L. Katz (Autopsy), and Steven Kostanski (Father’s Day and Manborg).

Everything is much gorier and grisly than the original film and some of the content really toes the line of being downright shocking. They let all of the creators have free reign and there is some absolutely filthy and bizarre scenes; there will be some feathers ruffled for sure.  It has an old school horror feel, almost like it could have come out in the 1980’s. One letter in particular is utterly grotesque; the director’s sanity should probably be checked. All of the shorts aren’t serious in tone and some of them are played for laughs. The constant mood changes keeps the pace consistent and prevents the audience from getting bored.

In this stagnate glut of cookie-cutter horror films being released lately, ABCs of Death 2 is like a brisk cold wind cutting through the stale air of slasher flicks and haunting films. It improves on the first film in almost every way; even the musical score has been revamped!  It’s rare to see a sequel (especially in the horror genre) outperform the original. Hopefully it does well enough in theaters and home release to spawn a third film. Who knows what crazy ideas they will come up with next!

-Michelle Kisner