Reviews: At The Devil's Door

Here's our review of the derivative horror nightmare, At The Devil's Door.

"Right now I'm praying for a
bucket of chicken, a large pizza,
and a bar of soap."
Oh look!!! Promotional art with a girl in a red rain coat looking like Red Riding Hood. How highly original. How ever did you come up with that idea?!!! Ugh.

At The Devil's Door is the latest in a long line of horror films that rely solely on their derivative nature than they do on carrying a cohesive story or interesting characters. Other than a few creepy scenes with some terrifying creature design, this awful excuse for horror qualifies as one of most heartless and uninspired pieces of genre tripe audiences have seen in ages. 

After a mood inducing set up and one mildly original character introduction, At The Devil's Door becomes a snooze inducing ninety minutes that does nothing but terrorize audiences with talentless actors and a story that relies too heavily on ripping off The Grudge than it does on offering one single original idea. Other than a couple cool lighting tricks, a few jump scares, and one relatively freaky looking devil design, At The Devil's Door is grade school horror for people that have never been to their local haunted house before. 

"Let me just jab you in the throat.
Hopefully it ends the misery of
this movie." 
The acting in At The Devil's Door is painful across the board. Two of the female leads, Catalina Sandino Moreno and Naya Rivera, are both hard to watch as they vacantly read whatever lines are sloppily thrown at them with near robotic delivery and not one single ounce of real emotion. They just blankly speak the terrible script while Nicholas McCarthy (director) finds new and impressive ways to insult the fine art of film making with soulless abandon and a certain disrespect for horror as a whole. How on earth could this guy think that anything about this movie was entertaining in the slightest and who in the hell gave him a budget to make this dreck? As a horror junkie, I was personally insulted by this poor excuse of a film (if you could even call it that). 

At The Devil's Door is sad, imitative work that just can't cut heads with the movies it so wishes to be. The acting sucks, the story is embarrassing, and the movie as a whole just never finds any central focus. It feels like McCarthy filled the screen with pretty girls that can't act in the hopes that no one would see through his blood soaked veil of directorial mediocrity. Sorry dude, this was a hopeless effort loaded with every cliche under the sun and so called actresses that just stand around looking good for the camera. Kindly go back to your job stocking shelves at Wal-Mart.