News: Rambo 'Last Blood' Confirmed By Stallone

Stallone has finally given word that the final Rambo movie is moving ahead. 

Stallone is finally moving forward with the fifth and "last" Rambo movie in the decades old saga of violence and exploding arrows. Apparently Stallone is now working on the latest Rocky movie, Creed and will shift his focus to blowing things up and killing as many people as possible in Last Blood, the final installment in the John Rambo series. 

A little known fact is that the Jason Statham film Homeland was originally intended to be the closing chapter for Rambo, but they decided to wait a little longer to put a final rest to the character. In the next movie, Rambo will supposedly be fighting against drug cartels in Arizona and will fit more thematically with the original First Blood movie. 

By the time Rambo III came out, he was a superhero like character that had the ability to survive nearly anything. With Rambo (part four), they stepped up the violence with an epic amount of head explosions and gratuitous CGI blood, but it was still a more fitting entry in the saga. With this last movie, they hope to bring the character full circle, doing battle on American soil. 

I can't wait.