Cinematic Releases: Rudderless - RIP Anton Yelchin

With today's tragic news of Anton Yelchin's untimely passing, we're re-posting our review of his best movie.

"Hello. We are Almost Famous 2.
And we're here to ROCK!!!"
How often does a film stick with you the next day? And how often does a lifelike drama alter your perception of fatherhood and the process of healing? If you're seeking answers to these questions, see Rudderless. It's a challenging but fulfilling effort that offers up revealing performances from two of today's best but underused actors. 

In a year like 2014 with so many great dramas, somehow Rudderless went nearly unnoticed. It's a shame considering its top tier pedigree of performers and freshmen director William H. Macy's apparent grasp of all things film. That's not to mention the phenomenal soundtrack with vocals performed by Anton Yelchin and Billy Crudup. 

Rudderless is one of those smaller, independent films that falls by the wayside that will hopefully gain traction with the indie crowd. Revolving around a rather basic but highly emotional plot, the miraculous team up of Macy, Billy Crudup, and Anton Yelchin proves to be a modern day spectacle of excellent song writing and nearly perfect story delivery. Rudderless touches on modern themes of violence and loss while giving Crudup and Yelchin a real chance to shine as both musicians and actors. 

Rest in peace.

Rudderless further proves what most people have been saying for years. Billy Crudup is one of the best actors out there. He's extremely picky and eclectic when it comes to the types of roles he takes, which in turn leads him to brilliant, emotive, and distinctive roles like these. With Rudderless, Crudup gives a charismatic portrayal as a mourning father haunted by his son's death. You can literally feel his pain, his remorse, and can sympathize with his alcohol infused haze. 

"Gotsa get my drink on before I
rock these tunes."
Aside from great acting all around, Rudderless features one of the best soundtracks of the year. The songs are refreshing, infused with soul, have great lyrics, and are mostly sung by Crudup and Yelchin. Both have excellent rock oriented voices that work perfectly with songs like Real Friends or their upbeat version of The Wheels On The Bus. Just like last year's other music oriented release Frank, the music brings a sensibility and vulnerable quality that will satisfy both film and music fans alike. 

I could go on and on about Rudderless, but I'll just get to the point. See the movie. Other than the first few minutes that haplessly look like a made for tv movie, this is a story that needs to be experienced. Personally, I'd take this over Linklater's Boyhood any day. 

Rudderless is available on Amazon Instant Streaming now. 


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