Rumor: Fassbender In The Running For Boba Fett?

Michael Fassbender as the galaxy's most notorious bounty hunter?

Numerous websites are reporting that Fassbender is indeed in the running to play Boba Fett in the upcoming spin-off film. In fact, they're saying he's all but signed on the dotted line.

 It's rumored to finally broach the cat and mouse game between him and Han Solo. Nothing is confirmed yet and this seems a little strange considering Temuera Morrison is still young enough to play the character. However, Fassbender recently proved in Frank that he can play a role even from behind a mask. 

Maybe this time it'll be Michael chasing Solo and Chewbacca across the Star Wars universe from underneath the classic Mandalorian helmet. I'm not holding my breath, but this could be another great shot in the arm for a reinvigorated chapter in the Star Wars saga. 

The Star Wars rumor mill keeps churning these things out. At some point, one of them is going to be right. Hopefully it's this one.