Breaking News: Blomkamp Directing New Alien Movie

Did someone just say another Alien movie? I just pee'd a little. 

For months now, the much revered Blomkamp Alien artwork has been making the rounds on the internet with fans anxiously awaiting some word about a possible new film. Finally, after years of waiting, those devout fans of Ripley and her terrorizing battle against the Aliens are getting new life with a sequel that just may write off the less than stellar Alien 3 and Alien: Resurrection

Alien 3 was hated by the fan base at large and the fourth comic book like sequel was an abomination of sorts that left the series in dire territory with little hope of a resurgence in the franchise. Now, years later, fans are finally going to get exactly what they wanted. Supposedly, this new Alien might write off the third and fourth movie and may bring back Hicks and possibly Newt. 

The art that's been released paints a whole different aspect and a more modernized vision of Ripley that could by all accounts rewrite the history of the last half of the series. Here's to hoping. 

This is perfect for Blomkamp. I'm officially geeked.