Article: Don't Be A Spoiler!!!

Don't be that annoying person that ruins every plot point for your friends or family!

There is an ugly trend developing in the world of entertainment, infuriating fans with it’s blind disregard and blatant ignorance. It’s detrimental impact has the potential to ruin the little enjoyments we set aside in life. I’m not talking about the bottle of vodka hidden in your bedroom closet, I’m talking about your favorite films and television shows. Perhaps you’ve been a victim of this epidemic, or maybe you’ve added fuel to the fire. Yet no matter what preventative actions a fan may take, it is becoming increasingly difficult to avoid spoilers.

A spoiler could be anyone: Bob from church, your co-worker Sally, or even your spouse. It’s important to take the steps necessary to protect yourself before you unintentionally find out what character is going to die in the next episode of Game Of Thrones or who Dr. Lecter serves for dinner on the season finale of Hannibal. A spoiler is a secret you keep from your friends and neighbors.

In this “nothing is secret anymore” day and age, spoilers can ruin a person’s day. For most fans, the attachment to television shows goes beyond that of films. We set aside time each and every week for our favorite shows. Multiple seasons allow us to dive deeper into characters and their lives. We feel connected to these shows and hypothesize about storylines and plots. We invest so much time, and become so committed to these shows, they practically become a part of our lives. Friendships have even been formed over the shared enjoyments of shows. Yet even your best friend can be a potential spoiler! Are you guilty?

Examples of spoilers

"These suits? Yup. They
protect us from spoilers!!!"
A.OMG!!! One of the main characters on your favorite Sunday night TV show has died. How could they do such a thing? You’ve been watching the show since the beginning! Emotionally upset, you frantically jump on Facebook and Twitter, searching the status feeds for others who share your grief. In a fit of despair and anger over the tragic on screen loss you write.... STOP!!! What are you doing? Just because you have nothing to do but sit in front of the TV all night doesn’t mean others are doing the same. They could be having dinner with their families, be on a bowling league, or feeding the homeless at a soup kitchen. Just because you've seen it first doesn’t give you the right to spoil it for others, nor does it make you more of a fan. Many use their DVR to record episodes and watch them when it’s convenient. Don’t Be A Spoiler!!!

B.Your favorite barista Sarah tells you she’s excited to see a movie this weekend made by her favorite director. When you ask her which film it is, you realize you’ve read the book. She had no idea the movie was an adaptation. In an attempt to impress her, you explain your favorite plot line and... STOP!!! Just because you have a crush on the girl who slings your soy, half calf, sugar free caramel macchiatos doesn’t give you the right to ruin a potentially enjoyable film with your hipster knowledge of obscure literature. Don’t Be A Spoiler!!!

C.Many offenders are adults who carelessly over share their excitement for a film with a child. You may have watched The Wizard of Oz a hundred times, but that doesn’t entitle you to explain important plot details in an attempt to try ignite a child’s interest. Just put in the movie, make a bowl of popcorn, and cue up Dark Side of The Moon. With a little luck you may have created a common bond for you to relive your childhood through. Don’t be a Spoiler!!!

"Look out beyond the mountain.
There be spoilers!!!"
D.You went to an advance screening for the epic space blockbuster everyone is talking about. You’re shocked to discover a big named actor in the movie that no one knew was going to be in the film. The next day know-it-all Dave is bragging about his knowledge of obscure 80‘s films in the lunchroom. In an attempt to trump his ego, you tell everyone that (Classified) is in the new Spacestellar movie. STOP! Ruining surprise appearances in films will make you disliked in the workplace. Don’t Be A Spoiler!!!

E.Jessica and her perfect family are at the PTA bake sale selling her perfect cupcakes. She is going on and on about the latest Disney movie she and her family just seen. You have plans to see the same film with your family this coming weekend. Too bad Jessica is explaining every detail of the film to all the perfect mother wannabes who hang on her every word. Meanwhile her daughters reenact the parts and sing songs from the film that they’ve already memorized by heart. When she asks you if you’ve seen the film yet you say “No” and then explain the symbolic use of fly fishing lures in Lars von Trier’s film, Nymphomaniac. STOP!!! Two spoilers don’t make a right! Don’t Be A Spoiler!!!

Things to keep in mind

"Enjoy this final meal.
It is not spoiled!"
Just because a show is over, doesn’t mean someone isn’t beginning to watch it for the first time. Many cable providers vary on the channels they offer, and viewers many not get a chance to watch certain shows until they become available on Netflix and other online streaming sites. Never assume a fan has seen all episodes to date. Ask to make sure. 

Shy away from comments posted on your favorite TV shows and movie’s social media page. While they may go to lengths to keep the show or film a surprise, many trolls thrive on giving away details in the comments to articles and updates. 

Keep your emotions in check. Attachments to television shows are common. One can easily spend over 100 hours watching a story unfold over the course of several seasons and years. Experiencing reactions of excitement and anger are normal, and signs of being a fan. As much as you want to share those emotions with other fans, make sure they’ve had a chance to experience them first.

The Spoiler Free Movie Sleuth [shameless plug]: We value the importance of the experience.

Don’t Be A Spoiler!!! 

-Lee Lind