New To Blu: Everly

Salma Hayek chops, cuts, swings, blasts, and mutilates her way through Everly. 

"I told you to stop staring
at my boobs."
Salma brings forth one of her best and violently outrageous efforts in years. From the first few seconds of the film, she bloodies herself and everyone around her in an oversaturated action flick that never tries to be anything its not. Everly is straight up, bombastic, gore filled cinematic eye candy that's rooted in every exploitive action film of the last twenty years. Try not to think because Everly is big dumb, volatile female led fun that never lets up. 

No one is safe in Everly. The film is a marathon of brutality that doesn't stop until the credits roll. Similar to sequences in Kill Bill, The Raid, and many other formative death festivals, guts are ripped open, heads are blown to bits, chests are torn apart, and acidic poison melts good guys and villains alike. As the nearly non-existent story unravels, film fans are taken through a blood spattered conglomeration of death sequences. Salma chews scenes and male victims like two day old bubblegum as she eviscerates those that mean to harm her and her bit of precious cargo.

"We like to call this one 50 Shades of Pain!!!!"
Everly finally gives Hayek a chance to play a character that audiences can root for. Even in the flawed existence she leads, the strangely named Everly brings the female protagonist full circle with a movie that should have been given a bigger budget and a wider release. There's not much character development and the evil villains are cut outs that could be interchanged with numerous other genre films. However, every second of Everly screams "watch what we do next!!!"".  Some might bash this for its simplistic attack. Others might see it as an overemphasized piece of escapist cinema that doesn't make any attempts to cover up its perfectly stylized intentions. 

This is Salma having a great time with a role in which she seems right at home. Everly is the perfect chance to reinvigorate her career with something a little different that strays from her choices the past few years. Being that this is available to watch on streaming services in the comfort of your own home, it's easy to suggest this is an entertaining watch that will definitely satiate your desire for action, death, and a beautiful woman kicking asses from front to back. 

Now, I pray for a John Wick and Everly cross over flick. Now that could be awesome.