Comics: Fight Club 2 Release Date

The comic book sequel to the modern classic, Fight Club has an official release date. 

The sequel to Chuck Palahniuk’s iconic first novel Fight Club will hit the stands May 27th. Presented as a ten issue comic series from Dark Horse Comics, Fight Club 2 will pick up a decade after the ending of the original book. To properly set up the sequel, Dark Horse is releasing a 14 page comic adaptation of the end of the novel, which was altered in David Fincher’s film adaptation. Even better, it will be one of the offerings available on Free Comic Book Day (May 2nd). 

The sequel will focus on the narrator and Marla (now married), and their 9 year old son Junior. Palahniuk’s poetic exposure of the mundane weight of human existence will continue, this time using the monotony of marriage and parenthood as the theme. Palahniuk has confirmed one thing. Tyler Durden and Project Mayhem will return. The author has made appearances at several Comic-Con panels to discuss and promote the upcoming release. Artist David Mack will provide the cover art, and Cameron Stewart will provide the interior illustrations for the Palahniuk penned maxi-series.  

-Lee Lind