Rumor: Jolie To Direct Captain Marvel?

Is Angelina Jolie going to direct a Marvel movie?

The rumor mill is swirling today with news that Marvel wants Angelina Jolie to direct the upcoming Captain Marvel film. It's been a long standing complaint that there haven't been any female-centric movies in their cinematic universe yet. Well, they've listened intently and plan on giving fans a Captain Marvel movie with crossover magnate, Angelina Jolie at the helm. 

With Jolie's latest effort Unbroken and several other directorial stints under her belt, this might be what female fans are looking for. They've apparently offered her a $20 million paycheck to take the gig. In an era when comic book films rule the box office, this might be a surefire win for the studio by giving fans what they've demanded and by putting another talented director behind the camera.