Interviews: Jordan Trovillion, Star of Horse Camp and Host of Comics Continuum

Actress Jordan Trovillion talks her latest release, experiences on tv, and her influences.

movie review horse camp interview with jordan trovillion
TMS: So, are you a Michigan native then?

JT: Yes, I’m from a little town just outside of Flint.

TMS:  Looking over your resume on IMDB, I can see you’ve done some TV and have obviously done movies. What would you say is your favorite to work on, movies or television?

JT:  I think that I prefer movies. Movies and TV are super awesome for different reasons. It’s nice to do television. The one experience I have doing a TV show other than the one that I host, is that you have to be super professional to do it. You come, you prepare, you do your bit, and then you’re done. Everything is on a very tight deadline. With film you get a lot more opportunity to play….depending on the size of your role.  

TMS: You were in Vanishing On 7Th Street, you had a part in Jack Reacher and other bigger budget features. What was your favorite to work on so far?

JT: Oh, man.  All of the films are so great in different ways.  It’s a different experience working on a big budget movie versus a smaller budget film.  A lot of the bigger budget movies I’ve done, I’ve had a smaller role in. For Jack Reacher I showed up for four days of work. It was amazing. It’s always incredible working with actors that are really outstanding in their field like Tom Cruise and John Leguizamo. Those moments that you really get to work with someone who has been doing this for years and years is always a wonderful learning experience. I’m deeply grateful for anything I get to do and any opportunity I have to work with someone that’s been doing it for so long.

TMS: With this newest release Horse Camp, you got to work with Dean Cain who has been acting forever now…..Lois and Clark…movie after movie….What was it like working with him and are there any stories you can tell us from the set?

JT:  He was fantastic to work with. You can definitely tell the difference between someone that’s been working for years and someone that’s green as grass. He did television before they shot digitally. Every take was money. He definitely has that training and that ability to get down the things he’s going to say. They call cut and he’s done. That was sort of nice to learn from him and to see how he behaved on set and how he brought that professionalism to the cast. He was really funny too and fun to work with.

TMS:  So, the Oscars were on last night. On that note, who do you look up to as an actress? Do you have any major influences?

JT:  You’re asking me enormous questions! I very much look up to Angelina Jolie for her weirdness and her passion and her amazing ability to go and to effect change in the world. Angelina Jolie has done so much with her fame and her money, and her time; taking care of orphans and children and bringing attention to countries that need our help as opposed to all glamour.

TMS: You’re promoting Horse Camp right now. Where can people see it?

JT: Actually it’s coming out this week on DVD. You can order it from Amazon and Wal-Mart.

TMS:  After you’re done promoting this, what is going to be your next project?

JT: I host a show about comic book culture.  It’s called Comics Continuum. It’s a little show like Access Hollywood for dorks. And I just had an audition this morning for a movie that’s filming in Cleveland. I just keep auditioning and meeting with people. That’s just the nature of the business.

TMS: What would be your favorite genre to work in?

JT: Doing the family, wholesome stuff was really fun. It was nice. I don’t want to say that it was easy. But it was definitely comfortable. You deal with emotions that are familiar to people and you draw from situations you’ve been in. Horror is always a great time. It’s one of the most fun things at least in my mind too….with the screaming, the running, the blood and the dying. That is always really fun. I would really love to do an action movie. I did so much stage fighting and martial arts stuff when I was a little younger, so my impossible goal is to be Milla Jovovich.

TMS: What’s your favorite horror movie?

JT: The Fourth Kind. I know it’s not a good movie but it’s so cheesy. I had nightmares for a week. Maybe not for watching enjoyment but more for effect. I still have problems with that one. It was very effective.