News: Lego Movie Sequel Gets A Title And A Director

Now that Oscar snub discussions are finally coming to a close, the next Lego Movie gets some positive momentum.

"Time for
contract negotiations."
It's easy to concede that The Lego Movie was totally glossed over when it comes to Oscar talk. The movie should have been nominated for Best Animated Feature. Well, we can finally put that topic to rest as the second movie has officially been titled, The Lego Movie Sequel. The studio is shooting for a 2018 release with comedic tv director Rob Schrab taking over directorial duties from Phil Lord and Chris Miller. 

Miller and Lord will stay on board to handle scripting duties and have stated that the next one will have a more female-centric storyline. Lord and Miller are continuing to work on the 21 Jump Street franchise while Schrab handles this sequel. 

So, I guess everything IS awesome. Hopefully the sequel is as good as the first.