News: More Hunger Games Movies?

The Hunger Games to continue after Mockingjay Part Two?

"I vote for three more movies!!!!"
After becoming one of the biggest teen novel to movie translations in the history of cinema, it appears that Lionsgate is looking to continue forth with more movies in world of The Hunger Games. While the book series ended with Mockingjay, the company wants to keep putting out more films about the dystopian future that will be spun off from the conclusion of the story as it currently stands. 

So far, The Hunger Games films have grossed over 2.2 billion dollars in revenue. It's really no shock that they want to keep the ball rolling. But will Jennifer Lawrence be aboard for another slew of films? There lies the real question. Whether this actually happens remains to be seen, but it wouldn't be all that shocking. There are currently rumors swirling about more Twilight movies too, so this really would not be a total surprise. If it's a cash cow, plan on seeing more of Panem and kid on kid murder action.