New To Blu: Wolfcop

Michelle reviews the new horror comedy release, WolfCop.

Unfortunately, the lycanthrope cop drama genre has been ignored for many years. Luckily, Canada comes to our rescue with WolfCop, a horror-comedy about a cop who gets turned into a werewolf and fights crime. Obviously, the premise to this film is ridiculous, but it does make for a hilarious and enjoyable B movie. This will definitely be considered a cult film in ten years or so and will most likely be getting lots of play at midnight theater showings.

wolfcop picture
"Daddy always said PBR would
put hair on my chest!!!"
Leo Fafard plays Lou Garou, an alcoholic cop (he eats liquor-filled donuts) who tries to avoid as much actual police work as possible. After encountering some strange circumstances on a night shift, he discovers that he has picked up the dreaded werewolf curse and that things are about to turn very hairy for him. His sexy (of course) female partner and best friend urge him to use his super awesome werewolf powers to fight crime and find the people who put the curse on him in the first place. This film is fully aware of how stupid the plot is and does not take itself seriously at all. The first half of the movie drags somewhat because the characters are one dimensional and aren’t funny enough to carry the film.  After Lou turns into WolfCop, it’s much better and that is the strongest part of the story.

The special effects are all done with practical work and for the most part they look great. As any horror fan will tell you, a werewolf movie is only as good as its transformation scene and WolfCop does a decent job, but it’s not on par with An American Werewolf in London. The werewolf make up looks sweet though and it never stops being amusing to see a wolf wearing a cop uniform beating the hell out of people. Where the film shines is in the rest of the incidental gore, as WolfCop mauls the living shit out of everyone he fights. He rips faces off, punches off heads, and rips out throats—it’s truly a sight to behold. It’s always entertaining to see filmmakers use retro techniques in horror flicks.

wolfcop image
"Oh God!!!! Too much porn!!!!
While this film doesn’t necessarily have an eighties style, they do takes cues from that era’s music. The soundtrack is filled with tasty guitar licks and heavy synth-laden beats. There is even a WolfCop rap over the ending credits. As in some dude literally rapping about werewolf cops. I miss the days when every film had a rap song that summarized the movie into a neat little package. Hopefully WolfCop is successful enough to be the catalyst for a rap theme song renaissance. One can only hope.

WolfCop is an uneven film that could have used a little more editing and better writing. This probably would have worked better as a short film than a full length feature.  As it is, the latter half of the film is hilarious and worth watching the movie to see. It’s definitely silly and you can tell the filmmakers had a great time making it.

-Michelle Kisner