News: The Crow Reboot Director Wants Sam Witwer To Star

Is The Crow finally getting new life?

The Crow reboot has been making the rounds for nearly seven years now. It keeps kicked between directors, writers, and stars. Well, it's finally moving forward with newly appointed director Corin Hardy. Initially scheduled to being shooting at the beginning of 2015, the project finally appears to have a script and the director is actively pursuing Sam Witwer (Being Human) to take on the role of The Crow

Witwer has been involved in genre pieces for quite a while. He played the central character in The Force Unleashed video game, was a regular on Battlestar Galactica, and as mentioned above is part of the U.S. version of Being Human. After the departure of bigger name stars like Bradley Cooper and Luke Evans, Witwer seems like a perfect choice and a great departure from what earlier directors were seeking. 

Either way, it looks like The Crow reboot is finally underway. Hopefully it's good.