News: 35 Years Later, Flash Gordon Sequel In The Works

This is either a cruel joke or someone is seriously considering putting a smile on my face.

"Who needs Fifty Shades when
I've got Flash?"
After thirty five years, the 1980 version of Flash Gordon is getting a sequel. And rumors are floating around that star Sam Jones may be returning to help get this franchise the swift kick in the ass it needed when I was six years old. Despite its heavy cheese factor, terrible effects, strange sexual innuendo, and a science fiction plot that couldn't compare to that year's other major release, The Empire Strikes Back, Flash Gordon was on constant repeat in my VCR. 

Sam Jones says he's open to options with the sequel. He'd either play a mentor to a new hero or could possibly reprise the role in some fashion. It may seem like someone over at FOX is totally out of their minds when they could just as easily reboot this thing. But the little boy inside me is thrilled with the idea of bringing back some semblance of the previous film to give it continuity and that retro feel that seems to be so popular these days. 

Long live Ming.