News: Hicks To Return in Upcoming Alien Sequel?

Michael Biehn is ready to return to the scary movie land of Aliens.

For the last week or so, the internet has been set ablaze with rumors and speculation about Neill Blomkamp's upcoming Alien sequel. The possible return of Corporal Hicks has been discussed widely as fans cry out for a true continuation that doesn't kill of Newt and the aforementioned Colonial Marine. Well, Biehn has spoken and says that he is fully ready to make his long awaited return to the franchise. 

At a Pensacola Comic Con, Biehn spoke with a fan and said he has been contacted about coming back for the next sequel. If this happens, all in the world will be right as the long standing backlash over Alien III and its divisive plot points may finally be put to rest with a film that might correct those wrongs. 

Here's to hoping!