Cinematic Releases: The Divergent Series - Insurgent Reviewed

Shailene Woodley returns to the futuristic world of teenage rebellion in Insurgent. 

"Everybody run!!!
This movie sucks!!"
The second film in the Divergent series is a far cry from the mildly above average first entry. What started out with a strong foundation in part one ends up being nearly destroyed by a pale and overlong sequel that is a very bad sign of things to come. Insurgent is two boring hours of nonsensical editing, corny dialogue, and bizarre character assassination that makes the next Hunger Games movie look all the better. With a flat Shailene Woodley barely supported by a wooden cast of hammy actors with no presence, this monumental failure falls apart in the first act faster than I can say "Jai Courtney can't act". 

Based on another extremely popular series of teenage dystopian novels, Divergent was no masterpiece itself, but it still had some strong characteristics that made it enjoyable. All that jumps right out the CGI'd window with Insurgent. This is an eye rolling failure that will have audiences questioning motives, continually side changing characters, and an epically bad shot at continuity. That's not to mention Kate Winslet's mind boggling attempt at trying to do her best Glenn Close impersonation. Insurgent cashes in on every plot point it can throw at the screen within the first hour of the movie with no hesitation, leaving it an additional sixty minutes short of keeping audiences enthralled in a story that has nothing left to offer. 

"Four, listen. This dude is from Whiplash.
I think he can drum us out of
this mess!!!"
Similar to the first movie, the graphics look really good, most of the CGI is beautifully rendered, and the meandering score is just baseline material for a cookie cutter flick aimed at cashing in on teenage book fans. Unfortunately, the best thing about Insurgent is a questionable role by Naomi Watts. She tries her darndest to bring a little bit of respectability to this fatal mess, but isn't given enough screen time to pull the bloodied victims from the digital wreckage. From weird cuts, to antagonists making stupid decisions, Insurgent is the perfect specimen of horrendous sequels. 

Fans of this series will want to see this just to connect the dots. But, be forewarned, Insurgent lacks the spark of the first one, which is definitively painted all over Woodley's pretty face from the onset of the opening credits. She's a far greater actress than the material she's given here. Hopefully part three brings something new to the table and allows some room for actual acting. Insurgent is supposed to be focused on action, villainous characters, and a depressing dystopian future. I walked away wanting nothing more than a pillow and a blanket.