Cinematic Releases: Unfinished Business

Yet another Vince Vaughn comedy. But is it any good?

"So what you're saying is that
I'm really not money, baby."
The unlikely trio of Vaughn, Wilkinson, and Franco star in this week's comedic release, Unfinished Business. As a comedy, this is almost a total fail. From terrible editing to awful subplots to boring family sub-context, this is the definite product of a rushed script and a studio that just wanted to get this thing in theaters as fast as possible. Unfinished Business is a straight up, paint by numbers, grade school production that grates on the nerves from front to back. 

Without the goofy sensibilities of Franco, this ninety minutes of wretched, dim witted humor is an abomination that sends Vaughn's career careening off a cliff of humorless ineptitude. There is no chemistry between the three leads and the story is a meandering mess that touches on themes ripped off from much better movies like Planes, Trains, and Automobiles. Unfortunately, Unfinished Business lacks the heart and destroys its constant head beating message about family with a total disregard for back story and no character development whatsoever. In fact, it uncomfortably jumps right into the first act with an opening scene that screams directorial incompetence. 

Like every other film that Vaughn has ever made with the exception of Psycho, he plays a sarcastic, sharp tongued character that has no qualms about speaking his mind. I'm so over it.  At this point the only thing Vaughn can do to save himself from certain theatrical death is to reinvent himself as a serious actor. His role here is just a low brow, half baked version of every single thing he's done since Swingers.  Can't he do anything else? It's become a tiring and singular effort for this guy. Unfinished Business is just another series of strung together scenes that drive Vaughn's fading talents into a dark tomb filled with the unlikeable souls of every movie he's ever starred in.

"Um no, Vince. Stop being such a bastard.
You CAN NOT credit me as James Franco!!!"
Unfinished Business should have been killed at the development stages. If not for Dave Franco's scene stealing penchant, this would be unwatchable. This "business" should have been finished with a set of matches, some charcoal starter, and a garbage can. Other than a hilarious scene at a gay bar and a long winded party montage that goes slightly overboard. Unfinished Business is like the hemorrhoids of Vince Vaughn movies. It's a painful affair that'll have you squirming in your seat looking for relief.