Remake Hell: U.S. Force Majeure Remake Will Star Julia Louis-Dreyfus

In other unneeded remake news, domestic audiences are getting a new take on Force Majeure.

force majeure
The 2014 Swedish black comedy Force Majeure about a husband who abandons his wife and kids to save his own ass from an impending avalanche is currently being remade in the United States less than a year after its theatrical debut here.  In talks for the role of the wife whose anger towards her husband’s momentary act of selfish cowardice is Seinfeld regular Julia Louis-Dreyfus.  Much like the comic timing of Larry David, Force Majeure is among the few imports perfectly suited to American sensibilities.  

While I’m not fond of the idea of modern classics of original works of cinema getting the US redux, as it tends to cater to viewers not accustomed to reading subtitles through a film, I can see why this tightrope walk of a movie between lighthearted humor and jet black observations of marital strife would be getting remade with a popular comic actress in the lead role.  As far as locations, that’ll also be interesting.  Hopefully whatever ski-resort they choose will be a real one and they won’t have to resort to shameful CGI avalanches, as the original’s epic snowfall looked every bit as real as the Alps they were filmed in.  Like all of the countless movies, old and new, being remade as modern cinematic experiences for American filmgoers, we shall see if this will be a curse or a blessing in disguise.

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-Andrew Kotwicki