Reviews: Hooked Up

Kirsten reviews the horror flick, Hooked Up. 

"Word, yo. We're a couple of American douchebags
What could go wrong?"
Writer and Director Pablo Larcuen is best known for his short films Mi Amigo Invisible and Elefante.

In Hooked Up, the cast members include Jonah Ehrenreich, Stephen Ohl, Natascha Wiese, and Julia Molins. This is Pablo's first feature length movie, which mostly takes place in Barcelona, Spain……where two dudes decide to visit...because nothing bad ever happens when you go out of the country, right?

You may think this sounds all too familiar, and it does. While watching Hooked Up , at least three different genre films came to mind. But there’s one major thing that sets it apart from the others; this movie was shot completely with an iPhone! I'm sure you have all different kinds of views on this. In retrospect, they actually added a couple interesting effects  that you usually don’t see in movies, which was something new and mildly refreshing. 

Alas, besides those couple effects, the idea of shooting with an iPhone the entire time is just unpractical. If I were in that situation, recording with a cell phone would be the least of my worries. Filming with an iPhone forced the film to be organic and swift, which was better than having to look at a screen filled with CGI effects for an hour and a half. But it wasn't enough to save Hooked Up from certain death. I wouldn't say it was terrifying by any means, nor were there any jump scares. The story is one audiences have seen many times. Uniquely, there really was no score, which made it more reasonable and lifelike. 

"Mommy, this room scares me."
Overall, the plot is one that is all too familiar. The main characters are irritating and the acting is pretty bad. In the first scene of the film, I was already hoping someone would come and get rid of them. With the exception of a couple added camera phone effects, nothing really stood out to me about this movie. I was anticipating a funny, sarcastic line for a break, but there was no such relief. Even the ending was one we've all seen before. There's no harm in watching this flick, but I will not be watching it a second time.

-Kirsten Anderson