Streaming: House of Cards Season Three Review

We review Frank and Claire's third season.

Somehow David Fincher and his crew have transformed boring United States' politics into one of the most intense dramas I have ever seen… seriously. Each episode is on an average of 50 minutes, not one of them is boring, and most importantly, House of Cards does not feel like a television show at all. Kevin Spacey continues to own the role of Frank Underwood and is supported by Robin Wright with flawless grace. The two characters together “are an unstoppable force” and in season three you see just that.

"Frank, I just farted and it smells 
like another Emmy."
"Well, I'll be damned, Claire, 

it does."
Season three was released in full on February 27th and highly anticipated. I finished watching all 13 episodes in a week. Season three ties up a few loose ends from the previous and just when you thought it was losing steam it ends with I gigantic blow to the back of your head. Throughout the season, I started to feel like Frank and Claire Underwood were loosening the grip of my attention, but the roller coaster ride that is Frank and Claire is the best one in the theme park. The more I think about it, the more I realize they are just your average couple and their high political status has nothing to do with how great of a comparison their relationship is to the average marriage. Season three is stuffed full with the devouring virus that is Frank and Claire and no matter how bad it gets, you want more. I found this season to be just the tip of the iceberg of what House of Cards is really about: Frank and Claire Underwood.

I cannot talk about Frank and Claire without mentioning Doug Stamper. This character is unwaveringly devoted to Frank and is the only person the Underwood's trust. You never know what his intentions are and just when you think you’ve figured him out, he pulls a 180 as another example of the show's endlessly great writing. Doug Stamper is beautifully woven into the main plot, but has his own agenda on the side and rarely lets it get in the way of doing his job. Doug’s story arc is addicting and you thirst for his every move.

"Your fart just got us a check to 
cash in for another Emmy."
The Movie Sleuth is spoiler free so, I can’t really say much else about this season without giving away the juicy parts, but this is a show on politics and you get quite a handful of that. This season sees Frank plagued with responsibilities and decisions unfathomable to anyone. Season three gives us average folk a look into what it is like to run a country and the non-stop chaos it entails. If it’s not trying to create jobs for Americans then its trouble in the Middle East.
House of Cards season three is just the appetizer to your three course meal. You’re hungry and need to eat, but don’t want to fill up on it because you know that the next plate is going to be even better.


- Heather Contreras