April Fools: Miley As Tank Girl?

The internet is an evil evil place.

Today is April Fools Day. You can only imagine the pranks that took the internet by storm. Of all the jokes posted on the web today, an article was posted to the Tank Girl Official Facebook Page stating that Miley Cyrus was confirmed as the lead in the new movie called, Tank Girl: The Voyage Home

Everyone who saw it exploded in fanboyism exclaiming that this post was “an insult” and “a terrible idea”, while a few other comments shared that they were having a heart attack because Cyrus was going to ruin Tank Girl. I know.....Miley Cryus is just awful at music, but let’s not forget she grew up as an actress on the Disney Channel. I’m not saying she’s an amazing actress or anything, but she can act. 

Personally, I feel Cyrus would make a good Tank Girl, if this was a real thing. Miley Cyrus is wild, awkward, and has this good “bad-girl” vibe. She’s not afraid to shave her head and be naked. So, what’s stopping her from being an apocalyptic, naked underneath, scrounged gear wearin’, ass kicking chick? 

With the right guidance, I truly believe Miley Cyrus could own the crap out of a Tank Girl reboot. Just think, Miley Cyrus rocks as Tank Girl and puts her wrecking ball in everyone’s mouth. If the writers of the comic book decided to get behind it with a good director, Cyrus Girl could very well be one of the few reboots/remakes that ends up being brilliant.

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