Daredevil: Complete Spoiler Free Review Incoming

Impressions so far on Daredevil. Full wrap-up on its way.

Don't worry, our ultra-spoiler-free review of the entire Daredevil series is incoming. The review that will be 100% safe to read without us saying anything about the plot, character actions, or story whatsoever. But what do we think so far?

After watching two whole seasons of the Arrow and then some, Gotham, and The Flash as well as being a huge comic/movie fan of both DC and Marvel, I can say without a doubt that Daredevil is not only the best comic hero series adaptation I've seen so far, but it ranks up there as one of the best live-action comic hero adaptations in movies and TV period.

Fortunately, they took the route of a slow burn plot that treats its characters with respect instead of the villain-of-the-episode formula so many other shows try to pull off. You're given time to let the characters and plot sink in without being ham-fisted with winks and cameos from comics. The show has built itself very strongly so far, yet I'm only halfway through it.

The fights are terrific, the characters respected, it's dark as hell, it has a grimy, yet vibrant look and is proving to be what all other superhero movies and TV shows wish they could. Hopefully, the show keeps pushing the boundaries and continues to impress. I don't want to have to eat my words.

Stay tuned for our truly spoiler-free wrap that you will only find here.

- J.G. Barnes

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