Full Length BvS trailer: Our Spoiler Free Impressions

We spoil nothing.

The Movie Sleuth got to see the full-length Batman V Superman teaser trailer. Here, we're just going to give you an overall tone impression and leave any other details to Monday's final unveil for your own eyes and ears to devour.

We didn't even get time to wipe away our happy tears after the new Episode VII trailer and this happens. Without describing anything particular, what we can absolutely confirm is that the film has a thick, high-contrast, incredibly dark comic book look to it. Zack Snyder has without question captured the grim atmosphere of the Batman comic-verse layered thick upon the appropriately bleak tone following the mass destruction in Man of Steel. The film looks stunning.

The million-dollar question is how does Affleck look in the suit? Well, two suits, actually, but the dude is bigger, meaner, and scarier than any Batman iteration we've seen in film thus far and the one line he utters will send chills down your spine.

The trailer doesn't say or show much, but it does just enough. Batman V Superman looks absolutely killer.

- J.G. Barnes