Must Watch Shows On Netflix Streaming

Heather is here to let you know what she thinks are the best shows to watch on Netflix streaming.

kevin spacey
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Not at all."
House of Cards: This Netflix Original Series is so powerful you’ll feel like a politician. Backed by the amazing Kevin Spacey, you will get lost in his stare and long to be talked down to by Frank Underwood. Certainly, it’s the best out of all the Netflix Original Series and it was put together by iconic director David Fincher!

Firefly: Joss Whedon got robbed. Firefly was cancelled after thirteen episodes, but its impact was so strong that people have created countless conventions and groups dedicated to its brilliance.  After much cajoling by fans, they even made Serenity, a feature length film. Combining steampunk with a western feel, Firefly brings something so original to the table you will wonder why it ever got cancelled.

Louie: Louis C. K. is one of the funniest comedians around today. This show is so awkward, hilarious, and brilliant. He writes and edits everything himself, making this show perfect--in his eyes. Every episode will leave your head spinning because finally someone is saying what you’ve been thinking for years. You will binge watch this show until it’s over and be drooling for more of this smart, ahead of its time show.

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The X-Files: What do you get when you mix science and conspiracy theory together? The X-Files. The best part about this entire show being on Netflix is that you can start any episode and be completely enveloped in its story. Whether it’s a “monster of the week” episode or a hardcore alien conspiracy episode, you can’t just watch one. David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson will forever be the best TV blue-balls romance to ever happen.

The Inbetweeners: The Inbetweeners is the British version of Workaholics. Less drugs and more trying to get laid, this show had me in tears from laughter. The show ends abruptly, but there is a movie that ties all the loose ends together (also on Netflix). Inbetweeners encompasses teenage life, friendship, and the need for all of these things. Without them, you’re a wanker.

American Horror Story: Man, this show is a breath of fresh air. Each season is a different “horror story”, but with the same actors playing different characters. It is mesmerizing to watch. Jessica Lange kills it (no pun intended) every episode of each season. By far, the best actress on television and possibly of the decade. Brad Falchuk and Ryan Murphy created a monster. With three seasons on Netflix now and one on the way, you will become obsessed with American Horror Story.

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Fringe: J. J. Abrams brings you another wild show. More understandable than Lost, Fringe puts science and mystery on a spoon and shoves it down your throat…but in a good way. This show is so cool, you’ll want to drop everything and spend millions of dollars on a college education as a Science major. There is a total of five seasons of enthralling science bewilderment and action chock full of all your favorite Abrams tropes.

Freaks and Geeks: An oldie, but goodie. You’ll see a lot familiar faces in this show. In fact, this is where a lot of them met to begin with and remain very good close friends today (Seth Rogen and James Franco). Freaks and Geeks is about a small knit group of friends growing up in the ‘80s in Michigan! It’s funny and very well written, and the acting is phenomenal. A show cut short, but a classic. Another thing that is notable about the show is the music. It combines hits of the era with beautiful and moving musical pieces.

Orange is the New Black: Another Netflix Original Series!? That’s right, Netflix is on to something really good here with these shows. Orange is the New Black is about an unlikely woman going to prison and living out her sentence with a mess of women. The writing is immaculate, the acting very convincing, but the prison life seems a bit glorified. The story is based on a memoir by Piper Kerman written in 2010. You’ll certainly binge watch these two seasons and will be dying for the third.

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Honorable mention: Battlestar Galactica (2003): This is the best show not on TV and will be my number one favorite for a very long time. In the midst of near extinction, what’s left of the human race travels the galaxy in search for a new home. Without getting too much into it, BSG is one of the most emotional shows I have ever seen—all four times. This show has everything you can think of, from electing viable persons to govern a depleting people, to abortion and all of its taboos. BSG will make you take a stance on something you never thought you would. Each character is an outstanding example of human beings and their behavior. I found myself going from angrily yelling at my television to snot-nose sobbing in the span of seconds. The acting is so seamlessly perfect, you’ll forget it’s just a show. Unfortunately, this show is no longer on Netflix Streaming, but if you ever get a chance to watch it, do so, your life will change.

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