New To Blu: Black Sea

Jude Law and his acting chops sink into the Black Sea

"No. You can't have any.
Mommy never taught me to share.
Bugger off."
Part classic submarine drama and part undersea heist movie, Black Sea is a stress filled release that went completely unnoticed. Far better than any other sub movie that's come out in the past decade, Jude Law and his crew of criminal minded have nots do a bang up job of making this ocean voyage an interesting and heart pounding excursion to the furthest depths of mankind's greed and inherent disrespect for human life. Much like it's genre counterparts, this is another claustrophobic submarine movie that shows the dire effects of being locked inside a steel tube for too long. 

If not for the acting talents of Jude Law and the on-screen evil leanings of Ben Mendelsohn, Black Sea may not have fared too well. The two of these masterful actors paired with Scoot McNairy and  a little known cast of Russian comrades makes for an effective and often times tenuous ride aboard a vintage submersible craft. Law is back in comfortable shoes playing the conniving captain of the ship and Mendelsohn (like usual) is well suited as the maniacal crew member hell bent on having his way with their morally corrupt mission. Between the two of them, there is a strong dynamic that never stops shifting focus. And McNairy backs them up while the rest of the cast is just as convincing in each of their specific roles. 

"We're on a submarine and you ate the last
piece of pie. Prepare to die."
Like most submarine movies, Black Sea relies heavily on metallic tones, enhanced lighting, distinct coloration, and a consistent feeling of dread. Unlike 2013's Phantom, the foreign accents are believable, the situation feels benevolent, and the tension bearing soundtrack sets the perfect mood for an adventurous time with a bunch of modern day gold seekers. With Director Kevin Macdonald (The Last King of Scotland) at the helm, Black Sea only stumbles in a few minor spots with some noticeable plot goofs and too many things going wrong. 

In recent years, the submarine sub-genre has grown tired. Black Sea is an invigorating and intense picture that lets Jude Law take the lead while everything crashes down around him. With excellent visual effects, a monstrous score, and well written story, Black Sea is a really fun watch that pulls new punches and takes chances with its characters. If you can stand tight spaces and the feeling that you might drown at any second, this is a movie you'll want to see.