New To Blu: The Man With The Iron Fists 2

If you thought Jupiter Ascending was the worst of 2015, you will marvel at this one.

At one point, RZA's character says, "I'm on a quest for inner peace".

My response would be, "Maybe you should be on a quest to retire from making movies".

The Man With The Iron Fists 2 easily qualifies as the worst of 2015. Centered on an almost non-existent title character, the movie falters under low production values, no budget, nonsensical cuts, painful direction, terrible sound design, and audio that is often times out of sync. This is a dire homage to the Shaw Brothers movies it tries so hard to replicate in scope, story, and style. It's an unwatchable and insulting mess that expects audiences to sit through scene after scene of horrendous acting and cheap sounding hip hop mixed with fights that take place on five dollar sets built upon the shameless sweat and tears of RZA's best friends. TMWTIF2 is worse than the worst straight to video flop I've ever seen. Being a child of the '80s, that's saying a lot. 

All the silly fun elements of the original have been stripped away including effects, choreography, and cinematography. This part two has nothing in common with its cheesy but entertaining predecessor other than its talentless hack of a star, RZA. This is a delightless martial arts flick that wallows in its apparent lack of anything that resembles the movies that he tries so hard to emulate. Featuring a horrendous soundtrack and a slew of Asian actors that resemble human-like robots with various accents, TMWTIF2 is not only the worst movie of 2015, but makes the original look like emotionally charged Oscar bait. 

"This thing is so bad,
they had to use an
image from the first movie
to represent
the second movie!!"
Starring RZA and Dustin Nguyen (of the original 21 Jump Street), this movie is the perfect specimen of sequel-itis. It makes no sense, carries no likable qualities and feels like a low budget Mortal Kombat overdosed on dopamine. From start to finish, it's a cheap cop out that doesn't do anything to add to the simplistic mythos created in the original. If anything, this thing is so awful, it disqualifies any positive merits of the first. Between sound effects that don't line up, music that could be from any martial arts flick, and no character development, TMWTIF2 is a painstaking ninety minutes that's demeaning to the film industry as a whole. I haven't even mentioned the cliche ridden fights that do nothing to infuse this snoozefest with anything other than a couple eye rolls and a guttural laughter befitting this criminally soulless venture. 


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