New To Blu: The Voices

Ryan Reynolds redefines himself in this week's release of The Voices.

ryan reynolds
"Nope. Wasn't staring at your boobs.
Not at all.
Not for one second.
Nope. wasn't looking at 'em.
Really. I wasn't."
Moving into new, dimly lit territory, a recharged Reynolds becomes an offbeat, psychotic star of the darkest order in The Voices. This is black humor of the richest form that will make audiences laugh while igniting a cynical and disgusting amount of wit covered in human blood and feline fecal matter.

If your stomach is weak and have a hard time processing violence, be forewarned. The Voices is absolutely not a film for everyone and will invoke much debate whether it should be viewed as gross out satire or psychologically charged modern horror. Either way, Reynolds and his supporting cast give their all to a screenplay ripe with an excellent plot and comically charged sarcasm.

Like a modernized version of Ted Bundy mixed with numerous other serial killers, Reynolds breaks type with The Voices and finally does something outside the box. He brings an innocently evil edge that we've never seen from him before that makes this movie all the more noteworthy. Hinging on his perfected delivery and some hilarious voice work, Reynolds moves to break free of his lingering, former sins to make the stand out film of his career. In The Voices, he's dedicated to creating a multifaceted character struggling with inner demons and the voices that run his life. This layered, highly emotive, dramatically charged role gives him the room to stretch his chops a little. Enthusiastically, he never falters for a second. Not to overemphasize, but this is Reynolds at his best, backed by a killer duo featuring Gemma Arterton and Anna Kendrick.

"What a boring Saturday night.
I thought Gemma was gonna come
over so we could stare at her boobs."
Played with a darkly humorous agenda, The Voices may be deeply disturbing for some. The subject matter is never pretty and the central plot is centered around vile and grotesque acts against women. Yet, the comedic undertones flourish throughout, giving the movie a unique spin on standardized horror tropes and ideals. As a self professed horror junky, I adored this movie and will definitely be giving it another spin. There aren't enough authentic ideas out there anymore. The Voices lends credence to successfully blending genres into little unheard of gems like this. 

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