News: Gaspar Noe's Love In 3D

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Gaspar Noe's Love is set to hit Cannes 2015.

When we think of 3D cinema, we’re generally pressed to label the trend of upselling customers as little more than a gimmick.  When we think of porn, there’s little left to the imagination.  Stick 3D and porn together and you’ll have a mixed reaction somewhere between awkward laughter and odd titillation.  If, however, you have a name like Gaspar Noe involved in it, you already know it’s going to be an intense cinematic journey the likes of which you’ve never seen or heard in a theater before.  

Around 2009 when French provocateur Gaspar Noe was doing Cannes press conferences and Q&As for his explicit psychedelic drama of the afterlife Enter the Void, the new bad boy of Cannes second to Lars Von Trier hinted at making a 3D porno that would be “joyful” and thus “bring the sex right into your lap”.  Not unlike Paul Thomas Anderson’s announcement that Punch-Drunk Love would be an Adam Sandler comedy, Noe’s proclamation at first seemed like jokey wishful thinking.  With a running time of over three hours eclipsing the already enormous running time of two-and-a-half hours of his last feature, the fourth film of Gaspar Noe entitled Love was officially entered into 2015’s Cannes Film Festival for a midnight screening. 

According to Noe, his latest shocker is designed to “give guys a hard on and make girls cry”.  While hyperbolic in description as usual, Noe says the storyline itself isn’t anything that hasn’t been seen before but in terms of technique, he “will be taking it up a notch”.  Given the incredible camera movement and visual design of Enter the Void and his subsequent PSA and music video work, for him to proclaim he intends to outdo himself visually, porno or not, is pretty exciting news.  Will it be indulgent and excessive in the ways we’ve come to expect from Gaspar Noe?  Probably.  Will Love serve up the explicit sexual content Noe’s become infamous for?  Absolutely.  The real question will be, however, does this latest purely cinematic provocation stand tall alongside the French auteur’s already formidable filmography?  While it remains to be seen, new Noe work is almost always worth the anticipation behind it.

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-Andrew Kotwicki