News: Mitch Pileggi Is Back For More X-Files....And Heather Is Excited!

walter skinner
Pileggi is signed on and Heather is chomping at the bit for more X.  

"Who is this Heather chick and
how can I meet her?"

With all this news about X-Files coming back to prime-time television, it's hard to  resist writing down my excitement. As of today, April 20, 2015, Mitch Pileggi has been added to the cast, bringing back a trio of characters loved and missed. 

Acting as Walter Skinner, Pileggi was the base to the see-saw that was Mulder’s conspiracy and Scully’s science. Being there when they needed him most and at unlikely times, to portraying a father figure, Walter Skinner was a hero and not just to the viewers. As a huge X-Files fan, I am busting at the seams with joy and can one hundred percent tell you that I will cry watching this brought back to life series. 

It’s about time. Having watched the show growing up and in my latter years, I still think X-Files is one of the best shows ever created. I cannot wait to see what Mulder and Scully will be investigating, if at all. I’m sure even if they were just sitting at their desks all day, people will tune in by the millions just to catch a glimpse at Mulder throwing his pencils into his ceiling from boredom and Scully just scoffing at Mulder with her “sex me” eyes. 

If Fox has ever made the right decision in anything, it is bringing back X-Files. On behalf of all the X-Files fans, I offer you my tightest hug and a kiss on the cheek because…I feel you bro.