Cinematic Releases: Home

Alysia reviews the animated film, Home.
Looking for a family movie that's appropriate for kindergarteners, yet doesn't induce eye-rolling in tweens, or sleep in adults? As a mom of multi-age kids, I know how challenging this quest can be. The 2015 DreamWorks animated film Home (in theaters now) might be just what you're seeking. It satisfied our crew, which ranged in age from 5 to 60-something.

Home, rated PG for mild action and rude humor, is the story of a non-violent alien invasion by the Boovs, cutesie, colorful little creatures looking for a new planet to call home. But it's also about the importance of facing problems head-on, colossal misunderstandings, and unlikely friendships. Rihanna is the voice behind the main human character, Tip (short for Gratuity), a spunky young teen who recently immigrated from Barbados with her mom (voice of Jennifer Lopez). 

When Tip and her cat, Pig, meet up with a misfit Boov named Oh (voice of Jim Parsons), adventure ensues. Also notable is Steve Martin as the voice of Captain Smek, leader of the Boovs. For especially sensitive younger viewers, there is one semi-scary character, the Gorg Commander, who gives chase to the Boovs on a few occasions (hence the PG rating for mild action). As a whole, however, Home is extremely tame family entertainment that portrays good values, and lacks the adult-targeted innuendos, meant to fly over the heads of child viewers, that are so often found in animated films.

"Rise, my children. Come worship 
at all six of my feet."
Cute and wholesome, Home keeps a good balance of childish humor without becoming gag-worthy or boring to the adults destined to accompany their youngsters to the movie theater. The characters are sweet and well-intentioned, while the animation is colorful, whimsical, and imaginative. Tip, especially, is a good role model for impressionable little minds. Home is a fun movie and 94-minutes well spent.

 - Alysia George